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My name is Pinja. I am 29 year old interior stylist located in Helsinki, FInland.

 I am occasionally posting pictures from my work and daily life.  

I wish this blog to work as an source for inspiration rather than where to buy guide. 


After sun

Summer went by.

Mine was super busy. I asked my mom that was the weather good or bad here in Finland this year because I did not even notice. 

Palm. In Finland. Pure optimism.

Palm. In Finland. Pure optimism.

And suddenly fall arrived.

But I don´t mind. Nature is so beautiful this time of the year with it´s dark colors and tones. Mostly I enjoy  the crispy air that makes me want to go out and just breathe and wander.  

Garden chairs. 

Garden chairs. 

On my next post I will reveal the reason behind my busy summer.

But in the mean while I will be chilling in the gardens until they're gone for the winter. 

Sleeping sunflower.

Sleeping sunflower.

pinja forsman